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Manage & share any type of data

Define & follow business processes

Achieve goals across commerce, website or mobile app

Build a central place of all the company’s product data with PIM - Product Information Management!

Why choose Pimcore PIM?

From a technical point of view

Extract data easily

Harmonize small/huge quantities of data

Generate data to/from different sources

From non-technical point of view

Omni-channel enablement

Easily find any data across company

Low-risk digitization process

For what industries is Pimcore PIM ideal?

Whether your business is in retail, travel, manufacturing or distribution - Pimcore PIM can help you!

Experience 3 main benefits of implementing PIM

Escaping data silos

Get rid of your internal communication problems! You will no longer have duplicated and incorrect data. Pimcore PIM will help you eliminate data silos and focus all your data in one central place, called - single point of truth.

Decreasing time-to-market

Place your customer at the centre of your focus. Provide them with better shopping experience by decreasing time-to-market! With Pimcore PIM, you’ll be able to launch your products in no time. All of your product data is under your full control. Stand out with your high customer satisfaction and newest technologies!

Omnichannel enablement

Go omnichannel and successfully improve your customer experience. Every one of your customers will have the same experience, no matter on which channel they are shopping. All of your communication channels will be designed to cooperate in order to get the same message on different channels.

Enhance marketing agility

Pimcore PIM helps you distribute product data across multiple communication channels in real-time. All of the data is placed in one single point, enabling you to segment your customers and target them with highly personalized activities. You’ll have all of the data at your disposal in real-time. That way, you’ll be able to make decisions in real-time.

Experience a high degree of data quality

No matter how complex your product data is, Pimcore PIM serves you clean and correct data. That way, PIM is enabling you to scale your business faster. Also, for you to govern your data, Pimcore offers you custom reports which you can easily integrate into the PIM platform. You’ll have a clear overview of your product data and any possible error will be identified instantly.

Tailor the workflows to your business needs

Boost your productivity and minimize risks by creating and tweaking your workflows. Pimcore PIM operates as a workflow management software that allows you to create the most complex workflows, meaning that it’s fully suitable for enterprises with a lot of different departments and access levels. Same as your product data is unified thanks to PIM, so should your users be unified thanks to the workflows. Your teams will be constantly connected and driving each other further.

Handle your data efficiently

Pimcore PIM helps you manage each aspect of your data, such as hierarchy, validations, versioning, structure and many more. Furthermore, to improve your data handling, Pimcore PIM seamlessly integrates with Pimcore’s DAM - digital asset management system. DAM is another Pimcore product, tasked with managing huge amounts of media file, documents, or in short - all digital assets. Integrating Pimcore PIM and DAM will bring you total control over all of your data, enabling you to fully utilize every aspect of your business.

Pimcore PIM is applicable in various industries. It’s an all-round data management software suitable for businesses of all types and sizes.

Not sure if Pimcore is the right fit for your business?


Same shopping experience on every screen size

With PIM you can deliver unified omni-channel shopping experience to your customers across all channels: website, mobile applications, in-store, collateral, etc. Grow your brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction with ease.

Ecommerce personalization enables you to beat your competition

Use Pimcore PIM to cover both physical and the digital world - and unify everything connected with your eCommerce business. With PIM, you can personalize your eCommerce business to any marketing channel you are using which will create a unified picture of your business to your customers.


Building your retail business using the newest technology can only create a stable and reliable business when it comes to future planning. While building awareness of your business, you want to have an application that suits your needs and presents the best picture of your retail business across any channel. Choose PIM and dominate the retail world!


Quickly react to market demand

With PIM, every data of your business is in one-central place which enables you to easily find anything you need across departments which will help you quickly answer any question your customers may have or any market demand.

Connect all your systems into one central place

If you are looking for uniformed B2B or B2C omni-channel experience - Pimcore PIM is the great solution for you! Also, with other Pimcore’s components like digital asset management and content management system, your business can tackle any digitalization challenge you have!

Having a lot of repetitive processes?

If your business needs to create a lot of product catalogs, PDFs, price sheets or any other marketing/sales materials - use PIM and automatize web-to-print features! Create and arrange any material needed with a drag and drop option and finalise it within a couple of minutes!

It supports complex structures and makes modeling product structure easy! It’s all done through the admin panel and it enables creating structure in a short amount of time. All of the data is processed through the admin panel, which gives you a rich product view and enables customers to interact with the data.

Leon Mekić

Senior Pimcore developer


Save your time by reducing operational tasks

Pimcore Product Information Management can automate every operational task you have regarding descriptions of locations, hotels or restaurants, by creating rich content across any channel and enabling you faster time to market! With PIM you can respond to every demand your travellers may have in a more personalized way than ever!

Connect visitor feedback and your content

With the possibility of changing your website look&feel in a couple of minutes, you can collect feedback from your visitors, then change it and attract new visitors! In this way, you can provide your visitors with the newest recommendations and up-to-date prices and tours!

Discover who your new visitors are

Pimcore is running on the latest technology tools which offers you to identify and segment your audience which leads you to discovering new visitors or up-sell the existing ones!


Products available anytime and anywhere

With Pimcore Product Information Management, you are able to view every product and supplier’s information so you can easily exchange new information regarding data or delivery across any system without too many calls, mails or problems.

Eliminate manual work

Working with a lot of paper-based data about suppliers and partners? Pimcore enables you to automate any import/export data in a couple of minutes from any external data sources.

Reduce total cost of ownership

With Pimcore PIM you are controlling total cost as there are no additional costs and no license fee! Also, you have total ownership of IP!

Pimcore is used by 80 000+ organizations in 56 countries.

We have the experience, skills and tools, now all we need is your idea! Let’s make it happen. Any industry, any type of app, any functionality - we got you covered.

Don’t miss your chance to empower your enterprise with the latest technology for an agile and low-risk digitalisation process!

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