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How can Pimcore drive your business to the next level

One of our services is building beautiful applications running on Pimcore. Whether you are in retail, medical, manufacturing, travel or any other industry, Pimcore has a solution to help you out.

Take advantage of our skills and know-how to build an application appropriate for your needs! Pimcore allows us to connect a huge amount of product information, different websites, every digital asset in your business and if there is a need, e-commerce framework (open source ecommerce) is where your digital experience begins.

Faster time to value

Scale fast

Automate process

End-to-end solution

Create and deliver personalized customer experience with Pimcore features

1. Data Management will consolidate every product information and media assets across your enterprise

2. Experience Management can help in digitalization of all digital channels – from maintaining web content management to e-commerce in one integrated platform

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Pimcore as PIM – Product Information Management

Product information management (PIM solution) is used to acquire, manage and share any type of data. Whatever IT system you are using, Pimcore can easily connect every system from ERP, BI or CRM in one place. The main advantage of using Information Management PIM is saving time when you need to search every Dropbox or Google Drive document where you have information about some product, employee, warehouse, etc.

Pimcore solution can help you answer these questions

How to connect every information across your enterprise

How to have high data quality across every touchpoint in my business

How to increase performance and efficiency through process workflow

Benefits of Product Information Management - PIM

Every product information from your business is in one place where you can easily find, edit and publish it.

Product information is unified with better web content management system.

Omni-channel is today’s must-have! With PIM, you can easily update and maintain every content you have – no matter on what market, country and device you are doing business.

Use Pimcore MDM – Master Data Management to merge and consolidate data and applications in your business

With help from Master Data Management, you can:

Create hierarchy and develop relationship between every data in your business

Integrate existing web content information into the new solution

Check history of editing in any data model

Pimcore MDM is integrated and flexible solution for product information, data quality and asset management. In one place, Pimcore MDM enables you to manage every business information about products, customers, vendors, etc. Above that, multi domain Master Data Management gives you the opportunity to have a unique view on the whole structure, descriptions, documentation, translation or any other related data in your business.

Pimcore Master Data Management features

Superior Connectivity for better Omni-channel strategy

Workflow Management which allows internal and external stakeholders to join processes and methods quickly

Audit Trail for easily managing multiple versions of your data

Data Quality ensures your data matches your company guidelines

Rich Content Integration enables you to connect your digital assets and rich content with a predefined layout which can result into building powerful web content management

Benefits of Master Data Management – MDM

Manage every website your business has, no matter what language or market.

With Pimcore MDM, digitalization of your business is one step further than your competition.

With the growth of your business, Pimcore MDM allows you to create and expand new data domains easily.

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Easy searching, editing and publishing any type of digital asset with help from DAM – Digital Asset Management

Use Digital Asset Management software to have these opportunities:

One central platform for managing all you brand assets

Save every photo, video, brochure in one place and find it in a few clicks

Follow your brand management easily with digital asset management software

Asset management DAM software puts your customers at the heart of your business and with high quality and asset transformation, it can deliver a stable experience across all touchpoints.

To work on your brand consistency, Pimcore DAM centralizes all your media assets – from images, documents, logos, audio files or any other media content you need.

Focus on brand building

With access 24/7, your business can be easy management and your team can work on building your brand and services you provide.

All-in-one marketing tool

Help your marketing team with Asset Management DAM software- central location for sharing, storing and collaboration on media files. Your team can reuse all your media assets, optimize content search processes and boost their productivity.

Efficient workflow management

Speed up your workflow management with Pimcore advanced solution to define the business process and your workflows. With workflow history, every person in your team can learn how to do some tasks while following rules for uploading new files or whatever rule you decide to apply.

Asset Management DAM software features

Digital Asset Management DAM gives a strong central repository for any type of digital asset

Workflow Management helps in defining business processes and workflows

Content management software collects all your digital rights

Asset Portal Extension is a library for all your images

Integration for any other system is easy with Digital Asset Delivery

Use Pimcore WCM – Web Content Management for easy creation of every landing page

There are some common challenges with content management

Managing many different websites

Using shortcodes in your existing solution provided by your developer

Not having a preview of digital assets in existing content management

Multi-language site is complex and it takes time to have translations on every page

Pimcore WCM – Web Content Management is scalable for any type of enterprise content management. It can be used for complex and time-consuming development, it can track content everywhere, for any device and platform you need, enabling you to have content hub.

The main advantage your business can enjoy while using Digital Asset Management – there is no need for intervention of the IT department! All digital assets are in your hands!

One thing all your customers love is having a personalized customer experience. Pimcore WCM can manage content and campaign in real-time, which enables you to provide personal customer experience curated just for your audience!

Speed up your workflow management with Pimcore advanced solution to define the business process and your workflows. With workflow history, every person in your team can learn how to do some tasks while following rules for uploading new files or whatever rule you decide to apply.

Connect PIM + DAM + WCM

While combining all of them in one central place, your enterprise is evolving and speeding up all processes you are struggling with right now; from finding the right information to slow time-to-market.

Use Digital Asset Management to reach the right audience at the right time. The main goal of your business needs to provide a new digital experience, powered by a unique and multilingual web content for every brand you have.

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Connect all information about your customer with CDP – Customer Data Platform

Pimcore CDP can help you organize every data about people in your enterprise and provide clean, consistent and beautiful customer stories across your organization!

Use these CDP features

Collect every data of your customer from any IT system you are already using into one place

Set the rules every person needs to follow while adding new customers into your base to make sure your data is clean and high-quality

After consolidation of every data about your customers, you are able to work on segmentation for personalized marketing activities

Customer Data Platform benefits

The point of having Customer Data Platform is to know every single detail about your customers. Then you can use individual customer’s behaviour on your website, on your e- commerce platform, in your marketing channels and make better segmentation and provide better marketing campaigns.

Also, with information about your current customers, you can identify new customers and how to approach them

Know every single detail about your customers and use that data to identify new customers

Boost conversions while looking at data you have on your customers

Customer loyalty can be on point if you serve them what they really want and need

If you are in retail business, Pimcore provides e-commerce framework

Retailers who offer personalized, real-time and immediate shopping experience rule the retail world. If you are not able to quickly change product information, price details or stock availability, you are losing money and customers.

With e-commerce framework, your business can enjoy many benefits.

Optimized operations – you can create your own processes in order to connect the web content management team – from content editors to e-commerce team.

Increasement of customer satisfaction – create personalized offers for your customers and provide trusted and consistent product information.

Any type of data available from one place – cover any output channel and connect different stores effortlessly.

Connect with platforms you are already using like eBay or Amazon and sync every data and stock availability.

Make the transformation of your enterprise today with our Pimcore team!

We bring the best of Pimcore and our expertise to improve your web content management, product information, ecommerce platform and connect all digital assets across your organization.

Whether you’re struggling with slow site performance, have outdated design or can’t assume why cart abandonment is so high, we can help.

Pimcore is used by 80 000+ organizations in 56 countries.

We have the experience and the know-how, everything we need now is your idea! Any kind of app for any kind of industry - we’ll make it happen!

Stand out in the crowd with the latest technology and start your agile and low-risk digitalisation process even today!

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