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Digitize your marketing efforts

Improve ROI

Single source for multi-channel publishing

Create your web content management system and solve content capabilities today!

Challenges Pimcore CMS can solve

Managing different versions of website with different languages

Speed up process of landing pages creation

Connection of content, commerce & community

Integration with any eCommerce framework

The most important function of content is to sell

Why should you choose Pimcore CMS?

Through content, you can boost your business and customer loyalty. With that in mind, the most important function of content is to sell! Here is how can you do it with help from Pimcore CMS:

Forms & Landing pages

Create interactive forms and landing pages with a few clicks and generate leads

Multi-language options

You have clients from multiple countries, speaking different languages - Pimcore CMS will enable you to personalize your website for your users

Web to print

Creation of eMagazines, eBooks, guides or any other content pages will strengthen your business awareness and create engaged customers - do it with ease

All media files in one place

For all kinds of digital assets - from photos, videos, infographics - use Digital Asset Management and manage all of it from one place

Description of every product

Product information can easily be edited, managed and changed with Product Information Management

Multichannel marketing automation

Marketing and sales processes are enabled, the right content is delivered to the right customer at the right time, thanks to the Pimcore CMS.

Integration with any 3rd party platform

Thanks to the unified APIs, many different commerce systems are brought together without making any significant technological changes.

Merging commerce, content and context

In order to provide your customers with a personalized experience, Pimcore CMS gathers real-time contextual data and customer behaviour insights. On top of that, it designs the customer’s shopping journey and optimizes the whole process in real-time.

Drag-and-drop website editor

Improve the time-to-market by simply dragging the products from your product information management system. All in just a few clicks.

How does the admin dashboard look in Pimcore?

It’s suitable for online marketplace, social media platforms, iOT devices, mobile apps or any other kind of websites.

No additional fees, license-free platform that provide customer experiences from any customer touchpoint!

If you are aiming to grow exponentially, increase efficiency or enhance customer experience, you need to connect all processes, tools, operations and data into one single place.

Digitize your business

Benefits of using Pimcore Content Management System

Pimcore CMS enables you to optimize your processes, workflows and all ways you are engaging with your audience across all touchpoints. What marketers need is integrated right into Pimcore CMS - from personalization of digital content to commerce and community!

Create personalization in your apps

With help from Pimcore’s enterprise web content management system, your business can create personalized digital experience through analytics, behavioral targeting, data collection and user profiling. Use this powerful tool to boost your connection with customers and serve them what they really want!

Manage content from single source

On how many channels are you providing your business? Website, mobile app, social networks? Managing that number of channels can be quite challenging, especially when you have more tools and systems to manage it! Forget about that and use Pimcore CMS which will enable you to customize data for each channel! Enjoy the power of automation in content management as well as its distribution.

Improve ROI

Once you integrate with Pimcore CMS you are licence or subscription free! Forget about all of those monthly subscriptions on different platforms you need to pay. Since Pimcore is an open source content management system, total cost of ownership will drastically decrease! There is no vendor lock-in or any additional licence! Also, integration of Pimcore CMS will result in lower IT costs because Pimcore CMS content system enables customized design for all you websites, so you can create whatever you want!

Go omnichannel

By implementing omnichannel strategies, you’ll be delivering content to your customers via any channel or a device, thanks to Pimcore’s API-oriented architecture. You’ll ensure your brand consistency and improve customer experience. You will serve them highly personalized content which will resonate with them.

Improve your digital experience

After you choose Pimcore’s CMS, you’ll be serving the right content to the right target audience in no time. Every action you take will be based on your collected data and you’ll be making the right decisions.

Eliminate data silos

Pimcore CMS will help you eliminate data silos and get rid of internal communication problems! You’ll be using less storage and instantly saving money, as there will be no duplicated or false data. All of your data will be placed in one single point, making it easier for your employees to access the data.

Go beyond a simple CMS

Pimcore allows you to use all of its’ digital power by implementing PIM, MDM and DAM systems with your content management system. All of your actions will be done through a single user interface, created specifically for every Pimcore product you may use.

You’ll reach any desired portion of your business in a matter of seconds. Pimcore gives you total control over your digital environment.

Pimcore CMS integration with eCommerce makes it possible to create a unique and personalized customer experience. It allows you to reach out to your customers through any communication channel, delivering only the fine-tuned messages and creating an emotional connection between your customers and your business.

Not sure if Pimcore is the right fit for your business?

Looking for innovation in your business? Choose Flexible and full customizable CMS!

While implementing Pimcore CMS on our clients projects, we found out these features are most loved:


When we talk with our clients, all they want is to easily update the website at any time - why? They have a lot of daily promotions, sales, coupons, new eBook materials or useful infographics. So when they create them, they want to publish it as soon as possible. With Pimcore CMS they have the possibility to choose on what page or single product they want to add new information. Also, if they want to connect their website with any other integration or 3rd party apps - Pimcore CMS can do it!

Custom everything

Our clients say they love how Pimcore CMS enables them to build advanced user interfaces and with that possibility, user experience is much better! Pimcore CMS can implement any customization, with some existing system or if our clients want to create their own functionalities from scratch.

Pimcore Admin dashboard is very developer-friendly and it makes using Pimcore extremely easy. The majority of these options come as “out of the box” solutions and there is no additional installation required.

Alen Egredžija

Senior Frontend developer

Everything is easy to use without any special technical knowledge

Drag and drop features, easy navigation and rich WYSIWYG features are available in Pimcore Content management system! Our clients are enjoying it everyday, no matter if they have special knowledge in the IT sector or if they are just editors or writers for some website!

Becoming a leader and pursuit innovation

We love how our clients always do their best to work on the latest advancements in technology and use it to become market leaders in their field! They are setting up the new level of managing data and creating content on their website which turns over in the increased sales and increased customer satisfaction!

Pimcore is used by 80 000+ organizations in 56 countries.

With our experience and knowledge, all that we need for you to succeed is your idea! Any feature you want for any industry - you name it, we can make it.

Approach your business with the latest technology and ensure an agile and low-risk digitalisation process!

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