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With multiple ideas for your custom online marketplace, are you looking for help from an award-winning development agency?

With our team of experts, you can digitally sell various products from other vendors. Use our experience and know-how to stand out among your competitors/on the market.

Build a marketplace that is

Easy to handle, update and maintain

Has advanced features for vendors and customers

Offers Custom dashboard

Drives revenue

Find the right business model for your online marketplace

If you are not sure which business model your marketplace will be, ask yourself what role(s) will your platform have: Can your user be both seller and buyer? Will you exclusively target only businesses with your B2B marketplace?


User can be buyer and seller

Businesses and customers


Big companies

eBay, BlaBlaCar,

Business model

P2P marketplace

B2C marketplace

B2B marketplace

Once you are sure what your business model is, let’s move on to the features your online marketplace can have!

Here are some features of the online marketplace solution

Grow your business and make your customers happy so they receive the products they wish without a hassle!

Product Reviews & Ratings

Seller Pages & Product Listings

Vendor’s dashboard

Multiple Payment Options

Social network integration

Integrated analytics

Easy Checkout Process

Multiple languages and currencies

Smart notification system

This is just the beginning. Let’s team up.

Marketplace tailored to your needs

What options will your marketplace offer?

Super admin

As a super admin (marketplace owner), you get: an access to these features:

- High level overview of all the accounts

- Granular analytics

- Custom reports

- Approval system

Modern product management for sellers

- Create online marketplace where it is easy to list products for sale

- Enable product import from 3rd party platforms

- Manage and process orders quickly and efficiently

Quick onboarding for sellers

- Sign in process is easy and as straightforward as it can be

- The less effort it takes to get started, the more your online marketplace will be loved by users

Convenient order processing

- Notifying sellers about new orders

- Offering a way for sellers to define their tracking numbers

Admin dashboard for sellers

We can create your unique admin dashboard with a customized look and feel. You get to:

- Manage your account

- Manage Seller percentage

- Track every order

- Manage the status of every order

- Analyze your customers

- Track conversions

Drive revenue with special price offerings for sellers

- Easily create filters for discount campaigns

- Include coupon codes

- Featured products label can be implemented in 2 easy steps without developers help

Why should I use Factory service offerings?

The best known platforms for building online marketplace comes only with basic flow and features. We are offering you much more:

Architecture scalability

Speed and performance

Advanced Product information management

Omnichannel experience

Manage from one place and connect sell-side and buy-side

Sell any kind of products along with other vendors with a powerful platform.

Know, sell and connect with your buyers

Essential online marketplace features for buyers

Search options

Just like eBay and Amazon, your online marketplace needs to have a search option. It’s of utmost importance to make shopping convenient and easy for all of your buyers.

Buyer - Seller communication

To make sure the buyers can get in touch with the sellers and communicate with them on their orders. We’ll enable both buyers and sellers to communicate with each other in order to increase the level of their satisfaction with your online marketplace.

Tailored checkout flow

After conducting research on your buyers regarding their preferred payment options, delivery methods and more - it’s time to design a checkout process. It should be simple and straightforward and support all options your buyers could expect.

Reliable payment gateways

In order to ensure that all of the payments get processed, we’ll implement all needed payment gateways.

Reliable order processing and tracking

You just took an order and your seller can’t fulfil it? Try to avoid that by making sure you choose only the reliable sellers. To keep your buyers updated on their order status, notify them via push notifications and/or emails and offer them the option of tracking their order.

Managing marketplace operations

To keep track of everything, you’ll need to have access to a certain set of features as a super admin. We’ll implement features such as notifications, alerts, moderation tools and activity reports to keep you updated on everything in your online marketplace.

To ensure your online marketplace is running smoothly, you’ll need features such as support system and referral system

Support system feature helps buyers and sellers resolve their issues. Based on the severity of the issue, either you either sellers need to resolve those support tickets.

We’ll set up a referral system so that you have a continuous growth on your platform. Your buyers would get a certain amount of credit if they would refer someone. It’s a feature which made Dropbox what Dropbox is today, so it’s not something to miss out.

And to make your online marketplace highly usable on both web and mobile devices, it’s required for the design to be responsive. Our UX/UI experts and web developers will make sure that your marketplace looks as great on mobile devices as it will look on a desktop.

Their skilled team brings excellent ideas and solutions to the table.

Maja Bogović

CEO at — Leading Croatian’s job offering portal

Main challenges and how will we help you overcome them

Product presentation

In typical eCommerce business, you as an owner would how total control over how the product and its details are presented to the buyers. In an online marketplace environment, sellers have little control over their product presentation.

To make product presentations successful, we’ll help you create guidelines for sellers that will guide them through the whole process of listing their products. That way, they will be able to place high-quality photographs, compelling product descriptions and all the other required information.

Supply-demand gap

Often, online marketplaces are faced with a gap between buyers and sellers. A seller which was generating a huge portion of sales on your online marketplace could exit the marketplace, leaving buyers without their preferred choices.

To avoid that, we’ll help you establish strong relationships with both buyers and sellers, ensuring that they stick with you even in the toughest situations.


Building relationships with your buyers and sellers is a great way to earn trust, but more must be done to ensure that your online marketplace is trustworthy. Your individual sellers may not be trustworthy and that may impact the conversion rate on your platform.

In order to help you build up trust, we’ll create a review system for your platform. That way, buyers will be able to review their sellers. Next time when buyers find themselves in a situation where they’re choosing to shop from different sellers, it will be a lot easier for them to make a decision. Full transparency equals to higher levels of trust.

All we need to help you is an idea. Reach out to us and let’s talk about your online marketplace. We’ll help you get started and we’ll do our best to get your marketplace up and running, filled with hundreds of buyers and sellers, and even more than that.

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