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Develop an E-commerce mobile app (also known as a retail app) and provide an excellent shopping experience for your customers!

Ecommerce App Development and Consulting Company

As an award-winning development company, we specialize in application development on Magento and Pimcore platform. Our design and development team have the experience, expertise and skill set for developing ecommerce app and providing you with professional services!

In order to provide our clients with the best ecommerce mobile application development, we are learning and following everyday topics related to technology, newest trends, and insights from the market.

Since ecommerce opportunities are rapidly growing, there are many things you should be aware of while developing ecommerce app.

Having an Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce mobile application development is an extension to your online store. Today, with the constant increase in competition in the online shopping industry, perfect design and development of an online store in combination with a highly optimized app are the essential assets for any mobile devices. With recognizable design and development techniques, your ecommerce business can provide the best shopping experience for your users and customers!

Ecommerce App Development Challenges and Solutions

Challenges in ecommerce business attained a certain criticality, where current and future business solutions and development of your app are playing a vital role.

With more than seven years in development, we managed to address the biggest challenges ecommerce business has:

How to present all features from website in my ecommerce mobile application?

We have a team of UX/UI designers who are constantly following trends in UX/UI design and know how to show every needed information on every size of device.

How to make shopping experience smooth and easy as it gets?

Navigation of your ecommerce mobile app is the most important thing while developing a mobile app. Trust us, you do not want to make a complicated checkout process; let us present you the best way to increase your profit and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Your app needs to be beautiful, but the accent is on its performance!

Every second your users wait for any information in your shopping app, you lose money. To avoid this problem, we optimize app performance with better API communication for your mobile app. What does it mean? Imagine API as a bridge between backend and your mobile application. With seamless communication between them, we are making data available on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Magento Powered Ecommerce Mobile Apps

If you have a webshop built on Magento, Factory team develops customized and fully-functional Magento mobile app for your Magento webshop.

Magneto Mobile Application is an extension to your Magento store

With Magento mobile application, your users can visit your store repeatedly and buy more which can help you boost your sales and increase customer loyalty. Magento mobile app is the next step where you are setting up the trends in your industry and your competitors are trying to catch you.

Advantages of Magento mobile app

While having your Magento mobile app, you are the owner of a rich ecommerce solution offering complete flexibility and control over the content, assets, and functionality of your Magento store.

Magento ecommerce platform is an open-source innovation with the latest industry trends which give vendors control over Magento store, operations and online deals in your shop.

Transform to Magento 2.0

Our developers can help you build a fast, secure and easy to maintain ecommerce mobile app for your iOS and Android users. Whether you need us to design and develop a brand new Magento mobile app from scratch or want to upgrade to Magento 2.0, you can choose us as your partner. Our work does not stop when your Magento mobile application is available in App Store, we are your partner, and you never have to worry about the next updates, security issues or new upgrades.

With over seven years in the design & development of mobile and web apps, we have a wide range of apps in our portfolio. Check out some of our favorite apps from Magento and ecommerce development.

Ecommerce app development for the biggest retailer in Kuwait – Taw9eel

Provide your customers with a digital experience of your webshop with these features in your Magento app:

Walk-through screens for users’ preferences in Taw9eel Magento mobile application.

Quick and painless registration process or browsing as a guest user.

Searching app by alphabetical order, subcategories, color, prices and more.

Increased engagement in the app by providing similar search terms.

Unique shopping cart design – if the user removes all the products from it, the design. produces a sad face to prompt users to add new items.

After moving to Magento app, Thouqi attracted more visitors and turned them into loyal buyers!

Selling clothes everyone and everywhere with Magento app

With a seamless registration process, Thouqi marketing team can use customers’ emails, make segmentation and set up process for the push notifications.

Advanced push-notification system enables Thouqi marketing team to send notification on a predefined group of people, targeting them based on their previous purchase or products they searched for.

With help from the model front and back view, users can see every detail about some item before purchase.

For a constant communication with your customers, you can always choose a newsletter. With ecommerce mobile application, you can set up a friendly reminder and ask your customers to subscribe to your newsletter where you can see news from your online store!

Magento mobile application for daily online deals at prices you can’t find anywhere else!

How Magento mobile app can help Magento store to serve daily online deals

We created widgets that can be implemented on any screen in the app to show what is new in the app, and what new items are currently hot to buy!

With one click, a user can add coupons into the shopping cart and specify quantity.

Not only can the user read detailed product information, one can also see the time left to complete the purchase along with prices and sharing options.

Right after information about some product, the user can see similar products. With this feature, we are helping users to find the best deal for their needs.

Building app for Magento is a challenging process where you don’t stop once your app is in the App Store and available for download.

Let’s create your e-commerce application!

Three Powerful Reasons Why You Need an Ecommerce mobile application

Mobile ecommerce continues to play a significant role in the success of your ecommerce business. Let’s dig deeper into the opportunities you are missing while not having the ecommerce mobile application.

Bring a loyal audience with ecommerce mobile app

Use ecommerce mobile application to develop brand loyalty! Users prefer to have an official mobile app from the brand they are following. Here is a little trick – offer your users some exciting offers only in your ecommerce mobile application! With that trick, you can attract users to download your app and see some exclusive offers available only on mobile application.

Get the astonishing power of loyalty programs… without the high costs

We all know how hard it is to acquire new customers – it can cost five to ten times more than selling to a current customer, and the current customer already knows your business and is willing to spend more than a new customer. Consumers are more likely to be a returning customer once they have had an excellent user experience with your business. Through ecommerce mobile application, retailers can create connections with their consumers, meet their shopping needs and provide great experience in mobile shopping. With ecommerce mobile app we can create in-app engagement to develop brand credibility and long-term with the customer. Considering that, the ecommerce mobile application loyalty program is a great idea to strengthen your customer relationships and make them choose your ecommerce app as a favorite shopping app!

Promote new products, offers, and sales – faster than ever – by push notifications in your ecommerce mobile application.

With the help from a push notification in your ecommerce mobile application, all essential information about delivery terms, items on sale or loyalty points status will be right in the palm of your customers! Having an ecommerce mobile application will let you update easily every business information for your users – and in a couple of seconds, it will be shown right on their smartphones!

5 must-have features in your ecommerce app

Essential features we use to make an Ecommerce mobile application successful

Every ecommerce platform is different, and every ecommerce mobile app has different users. While having that in mind, we need to develop features appropriate for your audience, while providing them with seamless user experience. To have a user-optimized app here are 5 must-have features in your ecommerce mobile application.

Simple registration process is the first step in the ecommerce mobile application development

The registration is your store front. With that being said, the process should be as easy as it gets. While designing the registration process screens, we start by minimizing the number of questions and forms in order to have fewer tasks for the users. Also, we need to identify what’s essential in the registration process and what information your business really needs, and what information is nice to have.

Push notifications as a friendly reminder of your ecommerce store

The user downloaded the app, successfully went through the registration process but there is no conversion in terms of purchasing. What to do now? Use help from push notifications and send them offers to say welcome and thanks for downloading your app. Encourage users to use and search through your app with offers appropriate for them and give them an exclusive discount when they made the first purchase in your app.

One step between search and purchase – The Wishlist Button

Wishlist keeps users between purchasing and searching for the product they want. In most cases, users are just searching between different products and don’t have immediate intent to make a purchase. Therefore, not to lose an item users liked in the first place, we implement the Wishlist in every ecommerce mobile application. If items are in the wishlist we are just one step further to adding them into the shopping cart.

Easy checkout optimized for mobile ecommerce

Checkout is crucial when it comes to decreasing shopping cart abandonment in ecommerce mobile application . We have lots of customers who do not feel safe while shopping online and it is our duty to provide them a secure checkout process and give them proof their information is safe with us. While developing the checkout process, we need to remove any distractions and ask only for the essential data. Great thing to help out customers in the checkout process is having a status bar where the user can easily follow the steps in checkout progress and also see how many screens are left to be completed. With this and similar design tactics, your mobile ecommerce platform can boost your sales!

Multiple payment options for seamless shopping experience

Another friend of reducing abandoned carts is enabling multiple payment options. Users like to have multiple options when it comes to payment and it also goes in favour of the trust that users have in the ecommerce application and your brand. Follow up the latest trends and enable payment on a trusted payment provider’s website like Google Wallet, PayPall or any mobile banking payment available in your country.

Create an e-commerce app to enhance business growth and build a relationship with your audience while providing a great shopping experience.

Key benefits of having an ecommerce mobile application

Enhance customer engagement while providing an exceptional shopping experience

Provide your users with an app that can inform them about new products and offers which enhance customer engagement and drive loyalty. Stand out from the competition and include advanced analytics to learn more about how exactly do people interact with your app. Information about the average time a user spends using your commerce app and the amount of money they spent on the last purchase in your ecommerce store. Sync users’ email and social media accounts to have a better understanding of the needs of your users. With that information, you can create more personalized offers, know the right time when to send a push notification or see how your users interact with social media content.

Use the power of phone's inbuilt features

Integrating features on user’s phones can result in increasing customer engagement and easy navigation.

Every smartphone has 3 features you can turn into your advantage:

Enable voice search with microphone on the user’s device and verbalize what they are looking for while searching for desired products.

Use GPS from the user’s phone for shipping details where you can list the cost of shipping without asking user too many questions.

Create an engaging way for users to share a review of your product where they can share pictures of purchased items and upload them in the review section!

Bring new customers in your ecommerce business with ecommerce mobile app

Judging from current social media trends, your store may end up paying more and more to reach existing fans, while with an app you can contact all users without any barriers or hidden costs. An app stays on the user’s smartphone and gives your store its own corner of the customer’s device – which is not the case with a website.

Already have an Ecommerce mobile application idea? Contact us and let’s discuss details!

What do you do in the era that is really defined by social media, shopping apps and mobile shopping?

Factory design and development team will help you answer that question and create change in your ecommerce application and whole ecommerce business.

Our Ecommerce services are appropriate for every aspect of creating your digital business success. From the most trivial idea to a seamless global B2B and B2C omnichannel solution, we will always aim to be the partner you can rely on because we are honored to be part of your business story.

The main goal is to transform your online store and give your customers what they really need!

Use our expertise as an award-winning development company and create appropriate ecommerce application for your users and your business!

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