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Manage products, customers, payments and orders

Intuitive navigation helps your users find desired products and increases their satisfaction. Your website needs to be trustworthy and highly professional.

Digital ecommerce should provide

User security

Managing and updating products as easy as it gets

Scalability when your user base grows with no reflection on user experience

Continuously updating with new trends


New trends can easily be integrated on your platform

Updating and improving your website constantly will result in the best possible way - increasing your customers overall satisfaction and driving more revenue for your business.

What new technologies do you want featured on your digital commerce platform? Options are ranging from Voice search, marketing automation, social payments all the way to augmented reality... Contact us and let’s start your digital commerce journey!

Create your digital commerce platform with us

Let new technologies help you become a market leader.

From 2012 we are providing award winning digital commerce platforms. Here are some of the well known digital commerce challenges we know how to solve and help you beat your competitors!

Technical integration of existing systems

Solving complex e-business problems

Omnichannel experience/Customers across channels

Shopping cart abandonment

Multi-channel publishing

A highly professional and responsible young team that recognizes value relationships with clients and makes collaboration incredibly easy and efficient.

Maja Bogović

CEO at — Leading Croatian’s job offering portal

Expect more

Experience vast capabilities of digital commerce

By merging commerce with web content management, you'll be able to provide your customers with an amazing shopping experience. Content management and commerce integration enables all operations to be done within a single interface.

Create personalized content for your customers

With content management and digital commerce combined, you’ll be able to use a behavioural targeting engine to personalize all of your customer experiences. Improve your customer satisfaction by creating wishlists and gift registries.

Utilize the power of product information management

Create outstanding shopping experiences easily by combining beautiful eCommerce frontends and reliable product data management. No more scattered data that’s slowing down your progress.

Reliable data management

Combine eCommerce with data management functionalities. By doing that, you’ll be able to control even the most complex data. Handling millions of products, each with various attributes and relations will no longer be an unattainable goal.

Sell your products and services on any channel

Digital commerce enables you to distribute your products through various output channels. Be it web, mobile, app, social, POS, or an IoT device - you can sell on it. You’ll have the power to blend the physical and digital world, providing your customers with an unforgettable experience.

Provide a consistent experience

Create a consistent shopping experience for your customers across all touchpoints. All of your customers’ interactions will be logged and you’ll have all the data you need at your disposal.

Why should your next business be digital commerce?

You’re starting a B2B business? Or B2C? We can make it happen. We create complex B2B and B2C digital environments and make it possible for you to deliver unified, tailored digital experiences.

You can go omnichannel! Provide the same shopping experience to all customers on all channels. Digital commerce platform, in cooperation with content management and product information systems, enables you to understand customer behaviour and preferences. Thanks to this integration, you achieve real-time personalization and successfully meet the needs and wants of today’s customers.

Achieve full personalization

You will no longer have random interactions with your customers. You’ll be able to create relevant and uniquely tailor interactions with your customers in order to optimize their shopping experiences. Personalization is built in the very core of Pimcore digital commerce and it impacts every point of interaction between your customers and your business.

Manage huge amounts of products

You want to offer a vast amount of products to your customers? We’ve got you covered. In order to fully satisfy your customers’ needs, you’ll be able to offer them as many products as you want. With our data management skills and technologies, we’ll make sure your customers have every choice they possibly need.

Offer useful and unique product information

Customers are reaching your product pages, but they aren’t buying? It’s time to put a stop to this. You’ll be able to create unique product descriptions, paired with remarkable product images. Establish emotional connection between you and your customers in order to boost your digital commerce sales.

Overview your customers

Your digital commerce business is attracting a lot of customers and now you need to successfully manage them and personalize your offers. There will be no more misguided marketing activities. You’ll be able to segment all of your customers and approach them with a specifically tailored communication in order to improve their shopping experience.

Factory facilitated a seamless collaboration with the digital agency, and their client was pleased with the website. Organized and timely, the team completed all requests. They were open to proposing ideas and discussing them with internal stakeholders. The team provided frequent progress updates.

Stella Denačić

Account Manager at Kala Presence

Stand out

Implement high-quality features

For your digital commerce business to be successful, there are a number of key features that your website should have. Each feature is unique and benefits your customers in its own way. Choose only what’s best for your customers and stand out in the sea of average digital commerce businesses.

Create loyal customers

You want to create loyal customers which will preach about your business to their friends and family? Loyalty program is one of the best solutions for this particular situation. Improve relationships with your customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Personalized product recommendations

For your customers to feel an outstanding shopping experience, you’ll be able to provide them with personalized product recommendations. You’ll show your customers that you’re fully capable of addressing their needs and wants by recommending them what product bundles or appropriate products when they visit your product page.

Processing payments

To successfully process payments, there is a specific array of payment gateways. For your digital commerce business to run successfully, we’ll implement a payment gateway that will keep your and your customers’ data safe. Security is of utmost importance and such a task is our highest priority.

Seamless navigation

Our task will be to ensure that your digital commerce website has intuitive navigation which will easily lead your visitors to the product page and successfully convert them loyal customers. We’re proud of our beautiful designs and we’ll make sure that your website looks remarkable and attractive to your customers.

Order processing

All of your efforts invested in creating product pages with useful information, the whole navigation process and all marketing efforts will be of no use if you cannot process an order correctly. Here at Factory, we understand the need of order processing and we have several expert teams which will help you process orders efficiently. Our specialists will ensure that your orders are processed in the right way, without any unnecessary problems and challenges which you may encounter.

Take advantage of digital landscape

Digital commerce has conquered the online world with thousands of new online shoppers each day. What does it take for your business to be a part of this big wave of digital commerce?

Contact us and let us guide you through this exciting journey of digital commerce. We’ve helped more than 150 clients to reach their desired business goals and you can join us too!

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