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You have an idea about the app that’s going to conquer Google Play store? We’d like to hear it!

With our Android developers’ experience and know-how, and your great idea, we can create the app fully tailored to the market needs and ensure your app continues to grow.

Our Android experts created award-winning apps such as Greetings from Zagreb, application for the biggest webshop in Kuwait - Taw9eel and the most popular news portal in Croatia -

Custom Android app development is one of our greatest specialities and we’re ready to take on every challenge that may appear. You name it - we make it.

We’re a professional Android development agency with award-winning applications!

Custom Android App development

Every app is unique and so is yours. You have an idea about a new app? We’ll make it. You already have an Android app and you’re not fully satisfied with it? We’ll customize it to successfully meet your and markets’ needs. Moreover, we’ll consult you about the monetization of your app. Our Android experts use the most innovative practices and tools to provide you with the best possible experience and results!

What do you get?

Custom branding

User experience and user interface design

Established wireframes

All screens of the Android app

Development of all Android app functionalities

Build release

App testing

Submitting & publishing on Google Play store

Maintenance & support

Android app development for whatever industry you need

You’re looking to build an Android app? No matter which industry, we got you! We’ve built Android apps for various industries, all from eCommerce to travel and we even built a - pregnancy app!

Our Android developers are highly experienced and have the knowledge to build whatever app you want.

What is your app going to have?

Simple and user-friendly interface

When it comes to User interfaces in Android apps, simplicity is the key. We’ll make sure your app is easy to use, meaning that anyone could use it, even if they didn’t use a smartphone until now! Most of the users form an opinion on your Android app in the first few seconds, so we’ll make it as beautiful and useful as possible. They will get to their desired page in just a few taps on the screen.

Simple login and registration

To make sure that users are going to continue using your Android app right after opening it, we’ll make it simple for them. Login and registration process will be intuitive and simple up to the point where users are registered in a matter of seconds.

Integrated social media

Your users are all using social media? We know, we know. We’ll make it possible for them to connect their social media to your Android mobile app. By doing that, you’ll instantly have more insights on their interests, likes and dislikes. Also, they’ll be able to share their experiences with their friends on social media!

Offline work mode

Many users aren’t connected to the Internet 0-24. Don’t worry, they’ll be able to use your app too! They’ll love navigating through your Android app without spending any of their internet data!

Fast loading speed

That’s one of the greatest perks of our custom Android apps! With every second you app loads longer, you lose more and more potential customers and users! Our task is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Your Android app will load as fast as lightning and you and your users will love it!

Multiple language support

You have users from all around the world? We’ve got you covered. During our Android development process, we’ll make sure that your app supports multiple languages so that all of your users feel comfortable using it. Nothing beats using an app in your native language and we know it!

Dark mode support

You’re probably wondering if your Android app is going to have a dark mode. Yes, it sure will. We know that the dark mode has swiftly conquered the app market and we’ll implement it in your app so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Your users will be able to switch between light and dark mode with just a simple tap on the screen!

Beautiful splash screen

A splash screen is the first image your users see when they open any Android app. Our splash screen design will make sure they stick to the app and continue using it. It won’t be too short or too long - too simple or too complex. You’ll love it.

Website - Mobile app synchronization

You already have a website? That’s great! We’ll make sure your website and mobile app are synchronized to the point where every update you publish on the website, it becomes visible on your mobile app.

This may especially come in handy if you’re operating an eCommerce business. Regardless of industry and your business model, synchronization will save you a lot of time and money in both short and long-term periods!

Shopping cart that converts!

In case you’re jumping into the eCommerce world, have no worries - we’ll help you! Our custom-built shopping carts will boost your sales and increase the overall conversion rate of your Android mobile app.

We’re aware that the shopping cart is one of the most important parts of an eCommerce Android mobile app, so we’ll make sure it’s fully optimized for online shopping.

Push notifications

You want to notify your users about new updates, sales, or promotional offers? No problem. We’ll implement push notifications in your custom Android app so that your users are always familiar with your offerings and services.

No matter the type of an Android mobile app, you need to inform your users about new updates from time to time. We’ll help you increase engagement, boost your sales and improve customer relationship - your success is our success!

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Your Android app security is going to be top-notch

You may be wondering about the Android app safety. Security is our highest priority task when it comes to custom Android app development. Your data and your users’ data will be as safe as possible.

Having a safe and secure Android app experience is one of the most important features and your users will appreciate it!

You want more?

You name it - we make it. We’re constantly exploring new features and functionalities that we can provide in our custom Android apps. We’re no strangers to AR functionality and cross-platform coverage. Why go for only one platform when you can go for two of them with the same app?

Just as we said, you name it and we’ll make sure it’s perfect. We appreciate your every input and we love it when our clients cooperate with us during the Android development process.

“They’re reliable, honest, and to the point, which is key in our relationship.”

Ivica Tadić

Head of development at Taw9eel Group

Are you ready?

We have the experience, skills and tools, now all we need is your idea! Let’s make it happen. Any industry, any type of app, any functionality - we got you covered.

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