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Hi, welcome to our Factory!

As a team of more than 40 members, we strive on delivering innovative solutions that spark the digitalization of our clients’ businesses through the creation of beautiful web and mobile applications.


Our team members are skilled in various different programming languages and technologies. With our skills, we'll turn your ideas into successful businesses.

People know PHP

People know JavaScript

People know jQuerry

People know SASS

People know Symphony

People know Figma

People know Java

People know Kotlin

People know Swift

  1. Factory was founded and our journey starts!

  2. Our team continued to grow and we moved to a new office!

  3. Our first startup!

  4. Factory boasts with 18 members! We started to give back to the community on a large scale - workshops and lectures were our regular routine.

  5. We opened a new office in Osijek! And for the first time ever - we made sure we record our awesome teambuilding and upload it to YouTube (you’re welcome!)

  6. We’re working on our internal processes, education and collaboration between our two offices! Our team has grown to 25 people so far!

  7. We went full-scale with our mission to educate! In this year alone, through 37 workshops and lectures, we’ve educated over 580 people interested in IT!

  8. Our student internship program is awarded by Zlatni indeks, naming our internship program as the best in the whole country! Also, this was the year our Pimcore journey started.

  9. We’ve become Pimcore Silver partners! And a few months later - we cemented our role in the Pimcore community by becoming Pimcore Gold partners! Besides progress in this area, our goal to educate is still in progress. We’ve organized 2 IT academies - Frontend and iOS development academy!

Working in Factory is a great experience because, firstly, we can choose to work either from home or in the office. As for the team, they’re relaxed and always eager to help. And one of the main benefits of working here is that we’re using the newest technologies in all aspects of our work.

One of the greatest things about Factory is that everyone’s opinion matters and is taken into consideration. It’s great that our own growth and development is always in focus, and I’m getting excellent support for that. After switching to remote work, our team spirit didn’t get lost and our communication remains at a very high level.


I love that I can ask absolutely anyone for advice. It’s awesome that we’re always encouraged to grow and develop our personal skills, and it’s made possible for us here. A form of unity is always present, even if we’re working from home.

My favorite things about working in Factory are the efficient organizing of all tasks and projects, expert advice from colleagues, and a friendly environment. There’s a constant contribution to a positive work atmosphere through investing in the individual personal growth and the growth of the whole team. When only one person is happy, he/she spreads positive energy to all of the others.

I like the flexibility we’re provided with through the possibility of remote work. The team’s always here whenever I need help and the team’s chemistry is great. One of the most important things I’d like to point out is that I can constantly advance my career and develop new skills while working on dynamic and challenging projects. So, it never gets “boring”.

As one of the benefits of working in Factory, I can instantly say that it’s the opportunity for constant learning and advancement. I’m working with the best team in the world, and being able to work from home is just one of the great possibilities at my disposal.


Feel free to reach out to us anytime! Be it a project you want to get started, or you're looking for help in your education and some useful resources - we got you!

Our work has been awarded many times and we’re extremely proud of all of our awards and achievements. Some of them hold a special place in our hearts, such as Zlatni Indeks award for having the best student internships in Croatia, Clutch Global Leader awards, MIXX finals awards for creating some of the most beautiful web and mobile applications.

Today, we have offices located in 2 cities, Osijek and Virovitica, providing talented Croatian professionals with an opportunity to take part in our positive and progressive work environment.


We think our work says it all. Here are some of the great companies and startups we've worked with.


Boris is our Sales Manager

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